People Call Me Nenis


#am i the only one who misses this adorable little buzz cut goofball   

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favorite teen wolf scenes » 3x11

↳ "It needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone that has a strong connection to you, a kind of emotional tether." →


"Stiles never loved Lydia. He idealized her. You can’t love a person when you never spoke to them because they don’t know you exist. And everything he thought about her turned out to be wrong."

Let me explain something. Stiles had a crush on Lydia. He thought she was smart and pretty but he wasn’t…


Hey, Stiles, the blood’s not coming from her lips.

I have a theory about the benefactor →


What if The Benefactor is someone we haven’t really met yet?

I was watching a teen wolf web series on YouTube ( yes it was legit) and it’s basically about Scott and Stiles looking for a cure for the bite between seasons one and two. (It was shot right before they premiered 3b.) Anyway, Stiles…

The Benefactor


Peter is suspicious to me. Remember when he was talking to Kate in “Time of Death?”

She said,

"You were right. He’s still alive."

"You were right." Doesn’t this elude to the fact that he is The Benefactor and was right about wanting visual confirmation?